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2014-11-24 | COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2015
Welcome to visit COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2015 exhibition. Our booth no. is A1321. Welcome to visit us.

2014-10-24 | 2015 AMPA/AutoTronics Taipei
Welcome to visit 2015 AMPA/AutoTronics Taipei exhibition. Our booth no. is N0010. Welcome to visit us.

2013-12-04 | COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2014
Join COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2014 exhibition.

2013-10-24 | 2014 AMPA/AutoTronics Taipei
Join 2014 AMPA/AutoTronics Taipei exhibition.

2013/07/25 | GPS 3D DR Module SDR4130-3D
Smart Design launch the GPS 3D Dead Reckoning Module SDR4130-3D to fulfill the Vehivle Navigation solution.

2012/01/21 | SiRF IV product
Smart Design launch the SiRF IV GPS Module S4F2217/S4F1512/S4F1912 to fulfill the DVR solution.

2011/03/05 | CMOS Camera Sensor for Vehicle
Smart Design launch the CMOS sensor SAP165. It is a product to fulfill the Vehicle demand.

2008/03/01 | Smart Design Merge Modulestek
Smart Design Technology(SDC) merge Modulestek Inc.